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Urban Dog Training


Maya Haber

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Private Training

Individual sessions are priced at $175 per hour.
An additional travel fee applies for locations outside the city (including Roosevelt Island, NJ, BK, or Queens), the amount of which depends on the specific location.


When working with a new dog, an assessment will be done at the beginning of the session. An assessment will tell us how your dog relates to the world. As opposed to trying to recreate triggers for your dog, I will go about learning about your dog by using the following:


  • New toys, treats, and scents
  • Play with me or owners
  • Boundaries & affection
  • Direction & instruction


Once everyone is clear on the dog’s needs, then the work begins! This service best serves those who enjoy ongoing coaching, a lifestyle framework and those who aren't just looking for a quick fix.

Training Packages

4 Training Sessions:  

Priced at $700, the 4 Training Sessions package includes a complimentary 60-minute virtual session. The package, including the virtual session, must be utilized within a 5-month timeframe.


Why this package? 

Each session is designed to be a stepping stone towards the successful training of both the owner and the dog. Following the sessions, owners will receive notes and assigned tasks to prepare for the next session. By ensuring owners adhere to the training framework, we can expedite your dog's training process.


Why only one package? 

I value my close involvement with the dogs and their owners. Consequently, I prefer not to spread myself too thin over multiple programs and payment plans. Instead, my focus is on the quality of the education I provide and the needs of my dogs in training and their owners.

Virtual Training

At a rate of $115/hour, this service is meticulously designed to best suit those who are:

  • Travelling with their pet, be it for vacation or relocation.
  • Pet owners residing outside the NYC area.
  • Owners of dogs that have severe difficulties adjusting to new people within their home.

Board and Train

Boarding and training offers an excellent solution for dogs and their owners who require additional support beyond our private training program. For further details, please contact us after submitting your contact form. We can then discuss whether this is the most suitable choice for you and your dog, and subsequently develop a tailored program based on your needs.